Advanced Microsystems

This is how we do it

We develop your solution in phases. This means that it is not necessary that the website/application is all finished so you can interact with it. After a functional part of the project is complete, your input is important. This advance/revision cycle repeats as much as the nature and complexity of the project dictates. This approach helps you familiarize with the look, the usability, and the features of your website/application. At the end of development you might not like how one feature works or looks, there we have a chance for tuning.

You will get periodic reports about the project status. And to ensure the timely and quality delivery for your 100% satisfaction we implement the following steps in our website/application development process:

  • Gathering of requirements

    We go to your site to learn about your business. We will listen as you describe your requirements to get a clear idea of what the project will entail. The purpose of this meeting is to create a mutual understanding of the business needs being addressed. No charge will be made at this stage.

    After our initial meeting, we provide you with an estimate of the project schedule and cost.

  • Solution design

    Design is in most software projects the toughest stage of the development cycle. In this stage we decide things like the interface to be used and the structure of the database.

  • System development & testing

    The website/application is developed employing iterative prototyping. At the same time, the system is fully tested. If necessary, we develop additional testing procedures with you to further test the website/application.

  • Project delivery & training

    In this step we install the website or application on the host computer (your server). Adjustments to the code and server configuration will be done if required.

    We will provide you with all of the training needed for you to understand the system and use it to the maximum.

  • Support and maintenance

    We can provide support and maintenance on delivered projects if you so desire.

Proper planning ensures that the project does not distract from its targeted goals while we (the customer and the developer) get a clear definition of the project.